Chimi Lhakang Architecture

Chimi Lhakang Architecture

Chimi Lhakhang is of modest size, square in shape and elegantly designed with golden roof. It is surrounded by a row of prayer wheels and its exterior walls are embedded with beautiful slate carvings of saints' images. The entrance to the temple is designed in a way that the visitors should circumambulate the temple and enter from the south side. Near the entrance of Chimi Lhakhang lies a small black chorten which marks the location where the demoness Loro Duem was subdued by Drukpa Kunley. There is also an enormous bodhi tree at the courtyard that is believed to have been brought from Bodhgaya in India. 

Bodhi Tree in Chime Lhakhang

A gigantic prayer wheel lies at the entrance of the temple. Inside the temple, there is a prayer hall that comprises tantric paraphernalia, thangkas (religious scrolls), bells, drums, horns and dorjis (thunderbolt). Prominent among these was the 10-inch ivory and wooden phallus as well as the bow and arrow used by Drukpa Kunley. At the center of the altar is a statue of Drukpa Kunley in monk’s robe in a reclining position with a ceramic statue of his dog, Sachi. Other deities such as Zhabdrung, Sakyamuni Buddha and Chenresig are also deified in the temple. There are also frescoes painted on the walls of the temple depicting the Divine Madman's flamboyant life.

Prayers wheel and a monk

At the small courtyard, there are also ancillary structures on the front side of the temple. The two storied ancillary structures are relatively new and were constructed to be attached to the main temple to meet the changing requirements of the times. The building is used as classrooms, storage space and Lam’s residence. There are also other ancillary rooms built below the main temple which are used by the monks as dormitories.