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Submitted by: Adele Badaracco

Date of visit: 25 April 2018

We are an Italian couple Adele and Tommaso, we visited Chimi Lhakhang in April 2018 and we followed the ceremony at the fertility temple. The monk forecasted we will have a boy in a year. We were looking for a child for 2 years. After 2 months of coming back from Bhutan, I was pregnant. Our son was born on 24th February 2019 and is named Francesco Kunley Wangdi. Kunley Wangdi was the name given by the monk from Chimi Lhakhang. Thank you for blessing us. Esteemed regards from Rome Adele & Thomaso


People from different parts of the world who longed to have children often visit Chimi Lhakhang to seek fertility blessings. The blessing process involves visitors getting hit on the head by the presiding Lama with the 10-inches ivory and wooden phallus followed by the bow and arrow used by Drukpa Kunley. 

It is also customary for babies who were born as a result of having received blessings from Chimi Lhakhang to be brought for blessings in the first six years. These babies are often called ‘Chimi Lhakhang babies’ and are sometimes named ‘Kinley’ (kind-hearted) or ‘Chime’ (no dog). Besides praying to have a child, Bhutanese sometimes also make a pilgrimage to Chimi Lhakhang to get the name of their child by picking bamboo slips placed on the altar.

There have also been many success stories being featured from places as far as Japan, Europe and the United States. 

Visitors who have successfully conceived after visiting Chimi Lhakhang often send in photos of their newborn infants with notes expressing their gratitude. The stories and photos are collated into a picture book inside the temple.

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